The state Duma has allowed to increase the expenditure budget for the year 2020 without changes

The state Duma adopted the law amending the Budget code, in particular, allow the government of the Russian Federation in 2020 to increase Federal spending by 1.8 trillion rubles without amendment.

These funds can be directed at preventing the deterioration of the economic situation, prevention and elimination of consequences of the spread of coronavirus, and for other purposes determined by the Cabinet. The government this year already has the authority to exceed budget expenses income from savings and other income in excess of the plan.

The law allows to further exceed the costs, in this case 1.8 trillion rubles, without reference to a particular income, including through borrowings, explained earlier Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Lavrov. The budget this year, he said, will obviously be scarce.

Under current law until February 1, 2022, the revenues from managing assets of the national welfare Fund for financial provision of expenses of the Federal budget, not the SWF itself. The act extends this provision to February 1, 2024, that is for two years.

In addition, under the amendments, the regions and municipalities will be able to transfer money to escrow account in one of the authorized banks for the resettlement of damaged houses and providing housing to needy citizens. "This will effectively solve the housing problems, and create new jobs in the regions, and will be a stimulus for the development of the construction industry as a whole", - said journalists the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

The law also gives the possibility of concluding long-term agreements on granting subsidies to non-profit organizations for a period exceeding the period of budget planning. Similar provisions already apply to commercial companies.

"These amendments will create additional conditions for the implementation of national projects, because NGOs can more efficiently use the budget and plan its activities years in advance, and citizens will have affordable and quality services in the social sphere", - said Volodin.