The liberal democratic party has changed position in the project about multi-day voting

LDPR faction will support the bill to stage the vote in the consideration in the state Duma in the third reading, said the leader of the party Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

The state Duma at plenary session on Tuesday to discuss the third reading of the bill amending the electoral law on multi-day voting in elections at all levels.

"You have to give someone three days in which he will find the time and vote. The majority of citizens that supports and conforms to the proposals of the liberal democratic party. We hope that will changed a single day of voting. We offer spring transfer. The vote only for party lists and a number of other amendments to the law. But at least here today in third reading we approve the multi - day voting," - said Zhirinovsky told reporters.

As explained by RIA Novosti in the press service of the party, the position of the liberal democratic party stems from the fact that the law simultaneously cancels early voting and absentee ballots.

Informed when voting on the second reading of the faction said he would not support the bill.