In the state Duma commented on the statement about the Ukrainian origin of the gods

State Duma Deputy Ruslan Balbec, commenting on the statement of the historian of the "Ukrainian origin" of gods and his book, compared it with the documentation of the "crazy house, which records citations and the behavior of raving lunatics and quiet".

Earlier, the historian Sergey Poddubny said about the "Ukrainian origin" of gods and prophets. Quotes from his book "Glorious ancestors of the Ukrainians" published by the Director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky in Facebook. In the annotation to the edition States that it is not Ukrainians pray to other gods and saints, but on the contrary referred to in ancient texts as "gods and prophets were the ancestors of the Ukrainians."

"Memorandum of Kyiv of the historian is more like a documentation of the crazy house, which records citations and the behavior of raving lunatics and silent, presenting a danger to society. We respect the Ukrainian people and culture, but let's be objective: 300 thousand years ago people in the best case, the stick was cutting and threw them at the beasts," - said RIA Novosti Balbec.

He expressed the opinion that about the beginnings of culture, and even thoughts did not arise.

"Well, what about "gods and prophets" — so in every psychiatric hospital has a full set of the "Holy" "righteous" and "great thinkers". Maybe this scientist, using maydanovskoy revolution, managed to escape into the wild, and now writes the main "work" of a lifetime? And those who support him in this work and publishes, were his neighbors in the ward and are grateful to the audience at the same time? Another objective explanations, I can not find", - concluded the MP.