The expert assessed the results of the summit of EU leaders

Ended on Tuesday a summit of European Union harmonization package to support agroekonomika after the pandemic COVID-19 showed that the two countries enterprises there is a clear trust deficit, which continues to worsen, said RIA Novosti Deputy Dean of the faculty of world economy and world politics HSE Andrew Suzdaltsev.

In the night of Tuesday in Brussels ended a summit of EU leaders, which lasted since Friday. The leaders discussed the budget and the Fund for the recovery of the European economy from the crisis caused by the pandemic. The European Commission proposed 500 billion from the Fund to implement subsidies, 250 billion as loans. In the end, under the pressure of the "Thrifty four" - the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Austria - configuration of the Fund is different: 390 billion euros as subsidies, 360 billion as loans.

As noted by the EU leaders, the summit was to merge a compromise. Meanwhile, according to experts, the confrontation between the "economical" countries and the rest, which is not allowed to come to an agreement on the recovery Fund after several days of intense negotiations, revealed a "colossal distrust of the EU countries to each other."

"Please note that the battle takes place on a standard platform - the money, carve money. This is what undermines any integration processes. For them, a financial issue - the basis of any integration. And, of course, this issue would undermine, to widen the gap between the member countries of the European Union," said Suzdaltsev.

For the first time after the end of quarantines in Europe, meeting of EU leaders, said the expert, became one of the longest and beat all records for disputes and disagreements. The financial issue at this summit was particularly acute, says the source. The reason is pandemic and out of the Union of great Britain, in the past, one of the key donors of the Association.

UK out of the EU 31 Jan. By the end of this year will continue the transition period. At this time, the country will continue to apply EU rules, but it is not involved in the decision-making process in the Union and continues to make contributions to the General EU budget.

"That was then, and come to understand that the money is not very... that "British ship" has sailed away from the pier and started to float freely. Meanwhile, London has invested a lot of money in the economy of the Union. In many respects the severity of the debate at the summit is related to the fact that one of his largest sponsors has disappeared," said Suzdaltsev.

Addition to this factor was that a number of countries, such as Sweden and the Netherlands, "I believe that other European countries don't have to make up for them."

"Thus, achieved the summit compromise is not a victory. It is a heavy step in European integration, which does not promise anything "pink" and good in the near future" - summed up the Russian expert said.

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