Russia believes that the G7 is an outdated format, said Kosachev

Resolution of the Senate Democrats against the involvement of Russia in the G7 directed against the American President Donald trump, the legislature did not consider that the format of "seven" is outdated and does not meet modern challenges, said RIA Novosti on Tuesday the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev.

A group of democratic senators made the U.S. Senate a draft resolution against Russia's participation in the meetings of the "Big seven". The senators accused the President of the United States Donald trump in attempts to normalize relations with Russia.

"The initiative is exclusively political in spite of the presence in the name of the multilateral format of "seven" and our country. The Democrats are trying to blame trump another "betrayal" of American interests and sanctioning Russia. Anything other than raising rates in an election game in the United States, in the initiative there," - said Kosachev.

As for the hypothetical participation of Russia in "the seven" - first to the American congressmen would not be amiss to try to expand their horizons and to ask the opinion of our country on this issue, he added.

"And it is well known - we think "seven" is outdated and does not meet contemporary challenges format. And therefore of little interest to Russia, and it would not hurt to know homegrown legislators from the Democratic party of the United States, before proceeding to empty the initiatives", - the politician concluded.