The head of Kuzbass said about the resort of Sheregesh

The task of the authorities of the Kemerovo region to completely convert the ski resort Sheregesh on a year-round operation, said in an interview with RIA Novosti, the Governor Sergey Tsivilev.

"Now the demand from Sheregesh. Summer, and all the hotels filled. My own eyes saw it, talked to tourists who come there to relax. In the past year we have doubled the number of tourists over the summer. This year, I think more successes to achieve. Our main goal is to fully translate Sheregesh — round work," said Tsivilev.

As the Governor noted, in 2019 the city received 1.3 million people.

"This year was 1.5 million, but the ski resort was closed for almost a month before the pandemic. I was forced to close. But last month and a half is the most good months at the end of the season, but we managed to score the same number of tourists as last year. This means that the resort is rapidly developing. And these resorts have a lot," — said the head of the region.

According to Tsivilev, Kuzbass popular rafting on mountain rivers, very developing agritourism and industrial tourism.

"Industrial tourism certainly has a number of limitations, because we have all the enterprise is usually particularly dangerous production. We have a cemetery of dinosaurs in Shestakovo is the largest cemetery of dinosaurs in our country. The Kuznetsk coal basin itself is unique, it is unique in the world, he is older than 100 million years of any coal basin in the world. It consists of the following formations, where we can see the whole story of our land", — said Tsivilev.