The EU will continue to discuss the linkage of Finance with the principles of the rule of law

The European Council will continue to develop the mechanism for linking the issue of European funds the EU with respect to the principle of a legal state, is preparing appropriate legislation, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Earlier, the head of the European Council Charles Michel said the rule of law and European values, and climate challenges for the first time linked to the financing of the EU at the summit of Union leaders in Brussels. On the need for such a mechanism has been repeatedly stated in Berlin, Budapest and Warsaw criticize this idea. Namely Hungary and Poland, has repeatedly clashed with Brussels because of political differences, are the main addressees of this action.

At a press conference following the summit Merkel said that the European Commission is considering legal act on this issue, to be adopted by a qualified majority. "Also in the European Council we will deal with this issue, if you need any clarification on emerging issues," - said Merkel.

She explained that the mechanism for guaranteeing the rule of law is also the mechanism of protection of financial stability in Europe, as it will contribute to "transparency in the implementation of Finance".