Tsivilev told about the victims of the fire in the village near Kemerovo

All the victims of the fire in the village Postnikovo in the Kemerovo region were assisted, two families were given financial support so they moved to the nearest town, said in an interview with RIA Novosti, the Governor Sergey Tsivilev.

Earlier with reference to the EMERCOM of Russia reported that on April 23 in the village of Postnikovo Izhmorskiy district as a result of the fire destroyed 22 buildings, including 15 houses and FAPs.

"We have 32 families were injured, 30 families have received assistance from the regional and local budgets. Those whose homes were affected, we paid 200 thousand from the regional budget. Helped seeds to those who have gardens suffered, helped those who lost animals in order to restore the economy", — said Tsivilev.

According to him, people who had damaged buildings, has received 50 thousand rubles.

"Of the 32 affected families lost 18 homes. Seven families received social benefit for a solution to their housing problems. One family asked for help with materials to rebuild their homes, their provided materials. Two families were provided full financial assistance so they could purchase homes in nearby towns. We picked up the house and helped them purchase. Thus, provided significant and timely support," the Governor added.