Siluanov: Russian government does not resort to the services of hackers

The Russian government does not use hackers, said Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov in an interview with CNBC, expressing confidence that the false suspicions in this will not negatively affect Russian economy.

Last Thursday, the national cybersecurity center in the UK said it was working with the United States and Canada to identify hacker attacks affecting pharmaceutical companies and scientists in several countries. According to the center associated with Russian hackers tried to steal in three countries, data on the development of a vaccine from COVID-19. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov has denied the accusations saying that Russia has nothing to do with this situation irrelevant.

He noted that Russia is not trying to benefit from other countries ' successes in developing a vaccine, as is currently trying to develop its own. According to the Minister, these concerns do not affect the image of Russia and will not cause the country harm in the economic sphere.

Siluanov stressed that Russia pursues a balanced economic policy. "We have no problem with reducing the budget deficit, we find private domestic investors. Should we turn to external borrowing? Look, it all depends on market conditions. However, I am confident that we will be able to carry out external loans at a great rate," he said.

The Minister also noted the importance of investment in the economy.

"We need to encourage investors. We observed a rebound in activity of domestic investors, and we are always glad to foreign investors", - he stressed.