The dog handler explained how to choose a pet name

The Russian cynological Federation (RKF) gave advice on the choice of a name for dogs: it should be short and easy to pronounce.

According to him, the most likely source of inspiration are the names of famous people. "Someone names a pet after his favorite actor or the main character of the series, others prefer names of famous rulers. You can also stay in the name of the country of origin of the breed of your pet, or pick up in tune with the name the puppy's parents nickname," - said the expert.

He advises to first look at the dog, to find a distinctive feature of appearance or character that tells what to call it. "Pay attention to the ease of pronunciation of the future name. There's a thousand words that you can call your dog, but having the nickname special, think about how you will daily say a mouthful", said Golubev.

In addition, the nickname must have bystrorastvorimami condensed version, because in emergency situations it is necessary to instantly call pet, and time lost on uttering uncomfortable and long nicknames can become critical, said the handler.