The Russian military men in Abkhazia recaptured "airstrike" using s-300

Servicemen of the Russian military base in Abkhazia during a sudden inspection repulsed with anti-aircraft missile systems s-300 air RAID imaginary enemy, the press-service of the southern military district.

Triggers, however, was not real, but electronic.

Just the exercise involved about 500 soldiers. They involved more than 50 units of weapons and military equipment of air defense, including antiaircraft missile system s-300 "Favorit" and "OSA-AKM", "Strela-10" and portable anti-aircraft missile complexes "Igla".

New unannounced inspections started in the Armed forces of Russia on July 17 by the Supreme commander in chief Vladimir Putin. Involved troops of the southern military district, parts of military control bodies and troops of the Western military district, the compounds of the airborne troops and Marines of the Navy.

Total attracted about 150 thousand troops, nearly 400 aircraft, more than 26 thousand units of armament, military and special equipment, more than 100 ships and support vessels. Completed a snap inspection on July 21.