Biden said he would not tolerate interference in elections on the part of Russia

Probable candidate of the Democrats for President of the USA Joe Biden says he will not tolerate interference in the elections by Russia or any other country.

According to him, his presidency will be special services to inform the public about foreign interference, and the administration will use all the tools in order to "make pay" those countries that want to do it.

"This price may include sanctions against the financial sector, the freezing of assets, the answer is in cyberspace and disclosure of corruption. Can also be taken in a wide range of other actions, depending on the nature of the attack (USA)", - reads the statement of Biden.

He also promised to provide all the necessary resources to relevant agencies to draw up plans to counter attempts to interfere.

When Biden Vice President of the American special services have accused Russia of meddling in elections in the United States. Spectacular Robert Mueller after the arrival of Donald trump to the authorities confirmed the accusations against Russia of meddling in elections (Moscow denies this), but failed to substantiate assumptions about the "conspiracy" trump with Moscow, which denied not only in the Kremlin but in the White house.