In the United States will be judged on the couple pointed their guns on the protesters

District attorney St Louis Missouri Kim Gardner told the associated Press news Agency that brought the case to a few, pointed their guns at the protesters.

Mark McCloskey Patricia charged with unlawful use of a weapon and assault in the fourth, least significant degree.

"In the city of St. Louis it is illegal to brandish a weapon in a threatening manner," said the Prosecutor.

The incident occurred on June 28 and was widely publicized on the Internet after President Donald trump retweeted a video of the incident. The video shows that the residents of St. Louis in Missouri mark Makloski and his wife, Patricia directed at the crowd of protesters a gun and a pistol. The protesters went to the house of the Governor of the state, who lives nearby.

Action pair was widely condemned in the Internet. Mark Makloski said that he feared for his life after the mob broke the gates of the private quarters and into his street.

Mass protests and riots were held in the U.S. in late may — early June after the death of the African-American George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis. In several cities there have been mass arson and looting. President trump has promised to respond to the power of robbery, for which he was sharply criticized Democrats and the protesters.