Turkmenistan will introduce new restrictions

In Turkmenistan on Tuesday introduced a number of new restrictions in order to prevent infectious diseases, according to the Turkmen news website Orient.

"A number of new restrictions introduced in Turkmenistan on Tuesday for the prevention of infectious diseases", - stated in the message of the site.

So, from July 21 to August 1, 2020 will suspend its work and large shopping centres and markets for the sanitary processing and decontamination works. While these commercial enterprises will continue to operate the departments of food and consumer products.

This period will be closed enterprises and enterprises of sphere of services: cinemas, theaters, parks, playgrounds and amusement rides, museums, beauty salons, hair salons, spas, dry cleaning and sewing Studio. Temporarily closed sports facilities (swimming pools, clubs, fitness and aerobics), short-term paid courses and play centres.

From Tuesday until the end of the month will not operate enterprises of public catering – restaurants, cafes, bars, dining rooms and teahouses. Catering establishments will have to arrange delivery of the ordered dishes to the public.

Ministries, agencies and institutions and enterprises irrespective of forms of ownership is recommended to gradually send employees on vacation.

In Turkmenistan, despite reports of the authorities that no case of coronavirus, introduced universal mask mode and the number of restrictions. Also earlier it was reported about the closure indefinitely of churches, mosques and Muslim shrines of pilgrimage.

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