Volodin spoke about the upcoming government report in the state Duma

State Duma deputies during the government's report on the work for 2019 will be able to ask questions not only to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, but also Vice premiers and Ministers, the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

A government report in the state Duma is scheduled for July 22.

According to the speaker of the state Duma, today the State Duma and the government understand that they need to go on a more effective level of cooperation.

"Citizens before us set this problem by supporting an amendment to the Constitution granting additional powers to the State Duma. In this regard, we plan to reduce the government's report to the speech and answers to questions only the Prime Minister, it would be better if the MPs asking the questions, able to answer not only the Prime Minister but also the relevant Ministers, Deputy Prime Ministers", - quotes the words Volodina press service of the state Duma.

He noted that this format will allow MPs to better understand how the government see certain problems and plan to solve them.

"In our view, after the amendments to the Constitution, it would be the correct work to build on a new level. This other relationship - on the one hand, the partnership, on the other hand, realizing the responsibility to our constituents, we must work to organize that were above the liability of members of government and deputies", - said Volodin.

The speaker noted that the deputies of the report of the government - a new stage of development of parliamentarism, the new stage of implementation of the provisions of the Constitution.

"And we think it is right to build a dialogue so that this responsibility was not only Prime Minister but also Ministers, Deputy Prime Ministers", - said the politician.