In Israel artificial intelligence will help the lifeguards on the beaches

On the beaches of Israel can receive the "rescuers" with artificial intelligence, the press service of the Ministry of tourism of Israel.

Experts have developed a system with artificial intelligence, which is designed to monitor the situation on the beaches around the coast and alert rescuers about the threats to people.

"Comfort and safety on Israeli beaches are already at a high level everywhere there are showers and changing rooms, each beach equipped with rescue tower, where professionals work. They are multilingual and ready to assist tourists in different situations, — said the Director of the Department of the Ministry of tourism of Israel in Russia and the CIS Vladimir Shklyar. — New technologies will be a real help to the rescuers and raise the level of security on Israeli beaches to a new height".

Particularly relevant software may be in high season when the beaches become crowded, and to identify a drowning man becomes more difficult. Contrary to representations, the drowning man, as a rule, not shouting and waving his hands, because he was unable to do so. All his thought is bent on trying to stay on the surface of the water and to obtain the necessary breath of air.

Video camera system capable of capturing everything that happens on the beach, and transmit data to the computer. Then the artificial intelligence analyzes the image in real time and identifies potential threats.

Notably, the program can monitor not just drowning people, but also detects children who remained in the sea without supervision of parents. She is even able to warn in advance about the impending big wave.

Also, the system is able to signal alarm in case of floating in the water people approaching means of water transport.

Now this technology is tested on the national Park beach of palmachim, Israel. Tests also are planned in other countries.