In the state Duma called on the US not to make a mistake in the ownership of the Crimea

The state Duma Deputy Mikhail Sheremet called opportunistic U.S. response to the installation of two amphibious assault ships in the Crimea and urged no more mistakes, added the Peninsula to the Ukrainian territory.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday took part in the laying of two amphibious assault ships on the Kerch plant "Zaliv". The ships are named after famous military leaders: "Ivan Rogov" and "Mitrofan Moskalenko". At the same time via videoconference, the laying of two nuclear submarines and two frigates in the shipyards of Severodvinsk and St. Petersburg.

In turn, the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine on his page in Facebook said that the "unauthorized construction" by Russian warships on sovereign Ukrainian territory once again violates international norms.

"Americans have the wrong land. Crimea is really a sovereign territory that belongs to the Russian Federation and is its inseparable part. Our Western partners are great opportunists, and they will go in big, bold minus sign," - said RIA Novosti Sheremet.

According to him, the US does a significant strategic error by continuing a course of sanctions and tensions with Russia. "These mistakes can lead to the fact that the US will eventually become a closed, isolated community that no one will communicate," he added.