Kanye West invited Jay-Z to become a candidate for Vice-President

American rapper Kanye West proposed to rapper Jay-Z to be his candidate for Vice President, reports the portal TMZ, citing an interview with West.

According to the publication, West announced his desire to see the post of Vice-President Jay-Z during an interview with blogger Chris Kahlan. He claims that Jay-Z his "brother," and they are "connected for life".

The publication notes that the West is already a candidate for the post of Vice-President - the priest from Wyoming Michelle Tindal. However, according to West, he talked about it with Tirial, and she agreed to take another position in his administration if Jay-Z will accept the offer.

Earlier, West announced that his candidate for the post of Vice President will be an unknown priest from Wyoming Michelle Tindal, and the slogan of his campaign - a simple "Yes." Now, he said, he has only two advisers, it was his wife Kim Kardashian and businessman Elon Musk, who West was asked to become the head of the "space program".

West in his Twitter on Saturday posted a link with a request to sign to have his name included on the ballot papers for the presidential election.

West has stated that he intends to participate in the race for the presidency as an independent candidate, because Republicans already nominated the current head of state Donald trump.

Traditionally, the real chances of being elected President of the United States have only candidates of the two leading parties - Republican and Democratic - this year they are already defined, they were Donald trump and Joe Biden. There are few cases when third party candidates or independents have gained significant number of votes. At the moment the last person from whom it was businessman Ross Perot, who ran in 1992 and got 19% of the votes. However, the Pen did not win a single state and therefore received no electoral votes that elect a President in a two-stage voting system.