Mother beaten in Dmitrov kid commented on the actions of the stepfather

The mother of two boys, who the day before had found one on the street in the Moscow suburb of Dmitrov, explained that never in her stepfather did not beat the child badly, but only "Pope".

The man detained the criminal case of torture after crying, the child ran away from his parents and came to the security of the village when the farm "Ostankino".

Video Moscow Central Board of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation the mother of the boy says to the investigator's question why I did not take my child to the doctors that the boy did not complain about the beatings. According to her, the child said that "just fell off my scooter and sprained my ankle, running".

Detained said that while her roommate and I never really beat up a boy: "He just beat him on the ass".

According to the investigation, from 1 to July 18, the man regularly beat the child – as explained by the man himself during the interrogation, because of "hostile attitude towards the boy." That suspect is now imprisoned in the detention facility.

In relation to the child's mother 29 – year-old native of the Tula region – the same criminal case, but in another article about default of duties on education. Now the boy is in the hospital.