Putin signed the law about the maximum weight transmission concluded

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the Federal law on the permissible weight of packages and parcels to prisoners - not more than 20 pounds for parcels and not for more than five parcels, corresponding document published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

Changes to article 90 of the Criminal Executive code of the Russian Federation.

By the order of FSUE "Mail of Russia" from March 7, 2019 was approved by the order of receipt and internal delivery of registered postal items, in accordance with which the parcel weight is custom marked "oversized" up to 50 pounds.

The results of such parcels or packages with non-standard dimensions (300 cm in sum of three dimensions) is only possible in special post offices, however, not all correctional institutions are located near such offices.

In addition, according to the Federal penitentiary service of Russia, in practice correctional officers have difficulty in making and keeping parcels weighing more than 20 kilograms without special technical equipment.