Near Kaliningrad have been teaching the Marines and infantry

Bilateral tactical exercises of the naval infantry and mechanized infantry, which took more than two thousand servicemen and around 100 units of military equipment took place at the landfill of the Baltic fleet near Kaliningrad in the framework of a large-scale check of combat readiness, told journalists the representative of the Baltic fleet Roman Martov.

According to the Baltic fleet, motorized infantry army corps and other formations and units of the fleet was alerted as part of the testing of combat readiness, which is in accordance with the decision of the Supreme commander of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation.

"In the framework of large-scale sudden check of combat readiness, which takes place in the Armed forces of the Russian Federation, at the khmelyovka test ground in Kaliningrad region held a bilateral tactical exercises with participation of military connections of Marines of the Navy infantry regiment and the army corps of the Baltic fleet... the participants were more than two thousand servicemen and around 100 units of military equipment," - said Martov.

He noted that in the framework of the exercise of an infantry division and Marines of the fleet were brought to the highest degree of combat readiness, marched on the technique at amphibious polygon. In particular, according to Martov, units of motorized infantry regiment of the army corps of the Baltic fleet did not quite typical for them the task of antilanding defense of the sea coast.

In the place of soldiers prepared the ground for antilanding defense and equipped the position. Motorized infantry army corps had a fight with the landing of the conditional opponent. The actions of the units during manoeuvres watched by using unmanned aerial vehicles. All data is in real time transmitted from the cameras and was broadcast on the screens in the command center leadership teachings.