The Lebanese court seized the property of the head of the Central Bank

The court in Lebanon on Monday ordered the arrest the property of the head of the Central Bank Riyad Salem at the request of the group of lawyers, according to the Lebanese TV channel LBC.

Clarifies that the chief Executive of Beirut, judge Faisal Makki has issued a court order for arrest of property of the head of the Central Bank, including his home in Rabia, North of Beirut, his car and Bank accounts in Lebanon.

The judge's decision was made on the basis of the provisional conclusions presented by the legal Department of the group of "People want reform".

Activists blamed on the head of the Central Bank for the economic crisis in the country because of his financial policies, which led to the collapse of national pound, was accompanied by the growth of public debt and the disappearance of state foreign exchange reserves.

In Lebanon, 17 October 2019 unrest began. Hundreds of thousands of people across the country staged anti-government demonstrations with the requirement to conduct efficient economic reforms, to prosecute politicians involved in corruption and return stolen from the state budget funds. In November, against the backdrop of unrest, he resigned the government of Saad Hariri. In late January, the President approved a Cabinet of Ministers headed Debom.

The new government has taken efforts to stabilize the economy, saying in late April on the adoption of anti-crisis program, which includes a number of large-scale reforms and assistance from abroad, including financial support of the International monetary Fund.