The mayor of Norilsk explained his resignation

The mayor of Norilsk Rinat Ahmetshin explained his resignation mistrust on the part of regional authorities after a meeting on the coronavirus.

Earlier in the mayor's office said that the mayor of Norilsk Rinat Ahmetshin resigned following a meeting on the coronavirus, which was held by the Governor Alexander USS.

"Unfortunately most of the questions that we asked, come back to us. I had made the claim that these issues should have been addressed to me. After the end of the staff in the media and the messengers immediately there was negative information about me and my work and about the information that I provided... I was distrust about my work. I made the decision to write a letter of resignation," - said Ahmetshin reporters.

On Wednesday, the head of Norilsk, told reporters that the city is unable to cope independently with the increase in the incidence of coronavirus, he needs the support of the regional authorities. He mentioned that he wrote a letter to the Governor of Krasnoyarsk, Alexander USS, requesting the support of doctors and middle medical staff.

In mid-June on Akhmetchina was a criminal case, he was charged with negligence after a spill of diesel fuel in the CHP, as the officer did not take appropriate measures to respond to the situation, noted in SK. The head of the city continued to perform the duties.