The Bulgarian Parliament suggested who was behind the protests in the country

Anti-government protests in Bulgaria can be part of a coordinated campaign in the region of South-Eastern Europe as a whole, which can stand the Western powers, said RIA Novosti member of the Parliament of Bulgaria Ivo Hristov.

Anti-government protests continue in Bulgaria for more than a week. Protesters chanting "Mafia - out" and demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. The issue of confidence in the government was debated in the Parliament. The Bulgarian Parliament on Monday ended the debate on the censure motion, the vote on this issue held on Tuesday.

"In theory, Yes, in fact, no, it seems to me," said Christ, answering the question about whether the government of Borisov to stay in power until the spring elections. "They, of course, there is a financial resource, however, the truth is that, like many governments in the former Soviet Union, many of them puppets in the hands of foreign forces, foremost of the West. If America or the European Union want to change the government, it will happen," he said.

Hristov said that the United States announced the imposition of sanctions against the gas pipeline "Nord stream 2" and "Turkish stream", one of the branches - "Balkan thread" passes through the territory of Bulgaria.

"Besides, it so happened that the protest movement in Bulgaria coincided with the beginning of (the protests) in Belgrade and Athens. I think it's a coordinated campaign," - said the MP.

"Events in Sofia is very similar to what happened in 2014, when the Kiev coup. To outside observers this appears as a spontaneous democratic movement... the American Ambassador openly stated that the U.S. Embassy supports the right to democratic speech, etc. Translating from the diplomatic language, he said, do not touch those on the streets," added Hristov.

Hristov believes that eventually the country will face a political crisis: "I think the situation will get worse, neither the government nor the so-called systemic opposition is not ready for dialogue... This is a war of attrition".