Police found and arrested the traffickers thanks to "John Wick"

Italian police due to the action movie "John Wick" seized shipment of drugs, consisting of 500 dummy coffee bean, filled with cocaine, weighing 150 grams, according to TMZ.

According to the publication, a prohibited substance is transported from Colombia. In the Milan airport, the officers noticed a strange package with coffee, which was carrying a single passenger. The package was written the name of the customer "Santino D'antonio" ("Santino D'antonio").

The cops were fans of the films "John Wick" and immediately remembered that was the name of a mafia boss, with which he fought the hero of Keanu Reeves in the second part of the franchise.

It later emerged that the package was addressed to the tobacco shop, located in Florence. There the police and arrested 50-year-old recipient.