In Kuzbas have detained the brawler, started a fight with the conductor of the tram

Police in Novokuznetsk have detained the brawler, lashed out at the guard of the tram, the press service of the interior Ministry in the Kemerovo region.

Earlier in the network appeared the video, where the passenger tram pounces on the girl-conductor, hits and pushes her, causing the conductor falls. The conductor did not panic and gave the bully back.

According to police cupola, to the police Department "Factory" UMVD Russia on the city of Novokuznetsk asked for help by a tramway conductor, explaining that while working on the route she had a conflict with the drunk passenger. The woman made a remark to him, in response he hit her in the chest. A worker of transport of the hurried passengers, and the assailant ran out of the tram.

"Information about the search rowdy was handed over to the police on duty in the streets of the city. In a few minutes the malefactor was detained by employees dorozhno-patrol service of traffic police UMVD of Russia for the city of Novokuznetsk. They found 24-year-old unemployed local resident, previously brought to criminal liability for committing property crimes. Currently, the police establish all circumstances of incident", – stated in the message.

It is noted that the conductor the preliminary diagnosis "a thorax bruise". She's been sent to the forensic medical examination, which will determine the severity of the harm caused to health. By results of check the decision will be made in accordance with the law.