Under Ivanovo police officer and his wife accused of trying to help the criminal

The chief of the criminal investigation Department in Ivanovo region is accused of over 1.2 million rubles promised the defendant in a criminal case to help hide from the investigation, the wife of a police officer involved in the enterprise, according to SU RF IC in the region.

According to investigators, the Deputy chief of Department – the chief of branch of criminal investigation Department MO of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia "Kineshma", knowing that 35-the summer local resident is accused in a criminal case and is wanted by the police of another region, invited the defendant to give him 1.2 million rubles in exchange for the fact that the investigators stop searching.

The wife of the police was privy to his plans, notes the consequence.

"A wife... has received from the defendant in a criminal case of the previously agreed amount in the amount of 610 thousand rubles. The couple are detained by law enforcement officials immediately after the transfer of funds in connection with the crime was not brought to an end. Police remanded in custody, his wife in the form of home arrest", - stated in the message.

Spouses charged with attempted fraud in especially large size.

As the press service of the interior Ministry of the region on this fact the leadership of the Department appointed service check that is conducted by the unit's own safety management. "If the fault of the employee is established, he will be dismissed from the internal Affairs bodies on negative grounds, and his immediate superiors subject to strict disciplinary responsibility", - informs the police.