Residents of Moscow and Moscow region warned of rain and strong wind

Emergencies Ministry warns residents of Moscow and Moscow region on rain, thunderstorm and wind up to 15 meters per second on Monday.

"According to forecasts of weather forecasters of Roshydromet, from 12.30 to the end of the day on July 20 in Moscow is expected to intermittent rain, thunderstorm, during the thunderstorm gusts up to 15 meters per second", - is spoken in the message published on the website of the capital's Central Directorate of EMERCOM of Russia.

A similar warning was published on the website of the Moscow Central Directorate of Ministry of emergency situations of the Russian Federation.

Rescuers are advised not to travel around the city, but if the rain caught on the street, is to take cover in buildings located above the possible level of flooding.

In addition, when a strong wind is to leave the car in the garage or away from trees, being on the street, you must try to avoid a shaky structure, and to avoid trees and a variety of high-risk structures - bridges, overpasses, pipelines, and power lines.

The emergency Department also reminds citizens that the storm should stay away from wiring and antennas, it is desirable to disable the radio and TV. On the street don't need to hide under high trees, and in the absence of shelter you should lie down or sit in a dry pit, trench.