The Bulgarian Parliament finished the debate on the censure motion

The people's Assembly (Parliament) of Bulgaria finished the debate of the censure motion against the government of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, the vote on this issue will take place on Tuesday, according to the Bulgarian national radio (BNR).

The Bulgarian socialist party (BSP) on July 15, the fifth time submitted to Parliament the question of the censure motion which the opposition accuses of corruption.

Under the law, the vote of no confidence should take place in Parliament within 24 hours after the end of the debate. The deputies agreed to begin an extraordinary session on Tuesday at 11.30 (same as GMT).

On Monday morning, supporters of the resignation of the government blocked the traffic in the centre of Sofia and tried to encircle the Parliament, who defended a human chain of police officers. Protests in Bulgaria continue from 9 July. They started in Sofia with thousands of actions in support of the President rumen Radeva, who in February said the loss of the government's trust.

In January, the BSP initiated the vote of no confidence in the Council of Ministers, who was accused of the failure of the policy in the sphere of environmental protection and water supply. Then the majority of deputies rejected the initiative. If the Parliament and this time will support the government's new proposal of censure may not be made earlier than six months.