Iran hopes that the parliamentary elections will help peace in Syria

Tehran hopes that last July 19 in Syria, the parliamentary elections will help peace in the country, said the official representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Iran Abbas Mousavi.

According to him, elections were held in the presence of "foreign occupation forces", attacks from terrorists and unilateral sanctions.

"Iran hopes that the parliamentary elections in Syria will be a positive step towards peace, stability and progress in the inter-Syrian political dialogue and help ease the pain of the people of this country", - stated in the published Agency statement Mousavi.

Parliamentary elections were held only in the territory of Syria with the division of the districts where each is entitled to vote only at the place of permanent residence. An exception was made in all elections during the war in the country for the citizens, who fled from the territories seized by terrorists. For residents of the provinces of Idlib and raqqa, the authorities took additional boxes in their places of temporary residence. Syrian citizens residing outside the country, according to the laws of the country can not participate in the vote.