In the Vologda region said the number of people infected with coronavirus physicians

About 150 medical workers of the Vologda region became infected with coronavirus infection during a pandemic, none of them died, said in an interview with RIA Novosti the Governor of the region Oleg Kuvshinnikov.

"Deaths, fortunately, is not, and was sick for about 150 people, including all categories of employees of medical institutions. Approximately 115 people have recovered," - said the head of the region.

Assessment Kuvshinnikova, to protect the lives of physicians and overcome nosocomial outbreak of coronavirus has been driven by system routing of patients in the Vologda region. "First, now testing COVID-19 is mandatory for any patient with symptoms of SARS. Secondly, clinics and hospitals established the infectious boxes. If a person, for whatever reason, call the doctor and came to him, he will not fall into the "clean" area medical institutions", - said the Governor.

Says Kuvshinnikov, the regional health care system "brilliantly coped with their tasks" in the period of unfavourable epidemic situation. So, the test coverage in the Vologda region is twice as high, which recommends the Ministry of health of Russia. "According to this index we occupied 15-e a place in the country, which not only provides control over the epidemiological situation, but also testifies to the effective work of health facilities, from outpatient to specialized complex of laboratories," - said Kuvshinnikov.

He said that the Vologda oblast is consistently among the regions with the minimum number of cases, taking 72nd place in the country and ninth in the northwestern Federal district. The incidence per 100 thousand people in the Vologda region is three times lower than the national average, and the amount recovered is almost 80% of the total number infected.

"Of course, these results – a consequence of timely restrictive measures. They might seem too hard, but in the current epidemiological situation was completely adequate," - concluded the Governor of the region.

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