Spain was not against the presentation environment to create an EU Fund

Spain was not against the presentation environment to create an EU Fund for economic recovery, said the foreign Minister of this country, Arantxa gonzález Laya.

"Spain's position clear – we do not refuse from preconditions and not against good governance that will inspire confidence. But we want it to be in the framework of trust, clarity and transparency," the Minister said in an interview with radio station Cadena Ser.

However, she added that the conditions will require great efforts from the entire Spanish society. "All of Spanish society should make efforts in terms of recovery – it is necessary to seek consensus between the government, the Autonomous communities, employers, trade unions, and, of course, all the political forces. The recovery plan should be taken, it is the base of the contract between Spain and the EU," the Minister added.

She also noticed that the complex negotiations in Brussels, which began on Friday, we are talking not only about the creation of the recovery Fund and multiyear financial plan, but also partly at stake was "how is power distributed in the EU after the UK." For the first time consistent budget without the UK, and, in the words of the foreign Minister, "the card must re-take".

The leaders of the EU countries in the second half of the day Monday will again resume negotiations on the parameters generated in the European Union Fund economic recovery from a deep crisis, as well as on the multi-year financial plan, which then will be prepared the annual budgets of the EU 2021-2027 respectively.

The EU leadership is trying to overcome differences over the establishment of the Fund. In the night of Sunday Agency France Press wrote that the summit had stalled and prolonged, as countries were unable to overcome the resistance from the Netherlands and several other "frugal" countries about issues relating to the recovery Fund of the EU economy.

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands mark Rutte insisted that States retained the right of final approval of funding from the bailout Fund. He noted that the EU supervision necessary to oblige such countries as Spain and Italy to reform their economies so they could better cope with future crises, then wrote the Agency.