Turkey began exploratory drilling in the Black sea

Turkish Fatih drilling vessel has started exploration drilling of hydrocarbon deposits in the Black sea, said Minister of energy and natural resources of Turkey Fatih Donmez on Monday.

The ship Fatih previously performed work for exploration and drilling on the shelf of the Eastern Mediterranean sea, including off the coast of Cyprus.

"The ship Fatih with the prayers and support of our people commenced its first drilling in the Black sea. Energy security of Turkey, we will explore every square meter in our seas. And if something is, then we will find," wrote Denmez on Twitter.

The government of the Republic of Cyprus declares on the continuing violation by Turkey of sovereign rights of Cyprus. In particular, Ankara is currently drilling in the Maritime zones of Cyprus and conducts seismic surveys in the exclusive economic zone and the continental shelf of Cyprus in violation of his sovereign rights. The EU has repeatedly condemned these actions. Turkey says it will not stop exploration and drilling offshore Cyprus.