In Russia for the first time decreased the number of one-day firms

The number of one-day firms in Russia in 2019 for the first time dropped to 120 thousand organizations, according to the annual report of the Federal financial monitoring service.

"The interaction with the FTS of Russia, the Bank of Russia and other participants of the AML / CFT system has led to a reduction in the number of "one-day firms". Their number decreased for the first time to 120 thousand organizations", - the document says.

It is noted that the decisions adopted by Rosfinmonitoring jointly with the Central Bank and law enforcement measures helped reduce more than 40% of the volume of suspicious financial transactions, including cashing out to reduce by 45%, reduce the overall withdrawal of funds abroad on suspicious grounds.

Indicates that quite effectively on reducing the amount of "shadow" economy work preventive mechanisms for the banks, especially the denial of service unscrupulous clients. In 2019 the use of protective measures allowed to stop the withdrawal in illegal sales is 15% more money than in 2018 (more than 200 billion rubles).