In infectious hospital №2 in Moscow and treated 124 patients with COVID-19

Treatment in infectious clinical hospital №2 in Moscow is 638 persons, 124 of them have laboratory-confirmed coronavirus, said the chief doctor Svetlana Krasnova.

"In the hospital 638 people (including 13 in intensive care), out of which 193 people with suspected COVID/124 cases confirmed by laboratory, of which: 8/8 children, 11/11 pregnant, childbirth and postpartum, 3/3 man in the surgical ward, 3/3 patients in the ICU (on mechanical ventilation 0)", - Krasnov wrote on the social network Facebook.

Krasnov added that the hospital in recent days received 61 people, 16 of them from COVID. Also there were 24 people, 4 of them have recovered from coronavirus.

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