In the Tambov region were the teachings of the troops in the armored vehicles "Typhoon"

Mass dropping scouts and armored cars "Typhoon-K" held in the Tambov region in the framework of a sudden inspection, the press service of the Western military district.

"Just to check the combat readiness of reconnaissance units of the Western military district attracted more than 600 soldiers and more than 20 pieces of aviation and automotive equipment, including special purpose vehicles "Typhoon-K", - stated in the message received by RIA Novosti.

The landing was carried out on the aircraft An-12 and An-26.

"Action on the rapid redeployment reconnaissance units allow you to test the mobility of the troops to travel long distances, including using aviation equipment," - said the press service.

Seventeenth July in accordance with the decision of the Supreme commander of the Armed forces of Russia started a snap inspection of the troops and forces of the southern military district, parts of military control bodies and troops of the Western military district, the compounds of the airborne troops, as well as formations and military units of the marine corps of the Navy.

Only the Armed forces, it brought a sudden check about 150 thousand troops, nearly 400 aircraft, more than 26 thousand units of armament, military and special equipment, more than 100 ships and support vessels.

A snap inspection with carrying out of control measures will be completed on July 21.