In Khabarovsk the building is on fire service extinguished nine hours

The building, which houses auto repair and salvage yards, were burning on the street Antenna in Khabarovsk, the fire on the area 400 square meters was extinguished after 9 hours after the discovery, there were no injuries, reports GUMCHS Russia in Khabarovsk territory.

It is noted that on Monday at 04:40 (21.40 GMT on Sunday) received a report of a fire in a detached one-story brick building, which is located on one side of the garage, and yards. The flames spread across the roof of the building, inside there were cars in a disassembled state. To extinguish a fire the fire Department created two combat footage from the building and made one gas and one oxygen cylinders.

"At 06:18, Monday (23:18 MSK) the fire was localized on the area of 400 square meters. In the course of extinguishing a fire collapsed the roof," the statement reads.

It is reported that the fire was extinguished at 13:42 (6:42 GMT) Monday, or 9 hours after detection. Information on victims didn't arrive. On its suppression it has been involved 33 personnel and 8 vehicles.

It is noted that the development of fire to large size contributed to its delayed detection. The causes of the fire are established by Legally, the witnesses are interviewed and the collection of materials for fire-technical examination.