In Kuzbass over the weekend drowned three children and an adult

Three children and one adult drowned in the Kuzbass region over the weekend, the press service of SU RF IC in the Kemerovo region.

"Over the past weekend in the waters of the Kemerovo region drowned three children: a boy 9 years Yurginsky district, 11 - and 9-year-old boys in the city of the forest", – stated in the message.

The Department clarifies that the two brothers 11 and 9 years old from the city of Taiga without her mother's permission and went to bathe in the lake. When in the evening the children had not returned home, the mother went to the police with a statement about the disappearance of children. In the course of search operations was established two friends of the missing children, who were told that the missing drowned in the lake.

Another death of a child and an adult occurred on 19 July in Yurginsky district, on the Tom river. It is noted that 9-year-old boy was with his parents.

"While the adults were busy setting up vacation spots on the shore, the child was in the water at a distance of about one meter from the shore. After a while the woman saw that the son began to sink, it blows over. 48-year-old man tried to save the child, putting him out in shallow water, but he began to sink. Arriving emergency workers lifted the body of the boy from the water, searching for the body of man continue," – said the Agency.

On this fact conducted preliminary examination, set all the circumstances of the incident, the cause of death. By results of check the procedural decision will be made.