In Buryatia in search of An-2 was examined about a thousand square kilometers

Search group on two planes and a helicopter in mountainous conditions was examined about 1 thousand square kilometers looking for the missing in Buryatia Antonov an-2, results yet, told RIA Novosti the head of the coordination centre of search and rescue Siberian aviation search and rescue center Victor Draeger.

Informed in GUMCHS in Buryatia reported that at 20.21 GMT on July 19 received information that had not been in contact plane an-2 airlines "Phoenix", on Board six people, including two person crew and four passengers. The plane took off from the village Kyren, Republic of Buryatia, the exact route unknown.

"There is no news. Going on the second flight. Haven't found anything... About the surveyed area 56 to 18 kilometers," - said the Agency Draeger.

Earlier it was reported that the search flew three aircraft - the Mi-8 helicopter of Angara airlines, the plane An-26 of airline "Iraero" and plane an-2 airlines "Phoenix".

The missing aircraft took off at 19.25 in the Irkutsk time (MSK 14.25). Flight, according to the center for the search was executed without notification of bodies of air traffic control, which is a violation. According to preliminary data, SK, the aircraft overflew the territory of the Tunka and Oka regions of Buryatia, to determine the processing area of forests.