Study: 30% of Russians will take deposits with minimum rates

About 30% of Russians take their money out of banks with a further drop in interest rates on deposits, while 36% of citizens will not change their savings strategies, according to the study "Rosgosstrakh Bank" and NAFI, which is available to RIA Novosti.

According to the Central Bank, the average maximum rate on deposits ten Russian banks that attract the largest volume of deposits of physical persons in rubles, at the end of the first decade of July once again fell to a record low of 4.63% from 4.8% in the third week of June.

"In a situation when banks following the reduction of the key rate of the Central Bank will continue to reduce the rate of return on deposits and savings accounts, will leave your savings strategy unchanged 36% of respondents, almost a third (30%) – will take all the funds from the Bank and another 2% will take the costs", - said in the study.

The part of Russians are ready to alternative investment tools in this situation: gold choose 7% of respondents in the bonds will be invested at 6% and real estate - 4% of the respondents. Another 12% of Russians will start to look more attractive savings instruments and savings. The remaining respondents were undecided.

The behaviour of Russians aged 21-35 years in a situation of low interest rates more radically: 36% of young people ready to take all the money from the Bank against 25% of respondents older than 55 years. Will look for more profitable options of savings 14% of young people compared to 11% of Russians of the older generation. While youth as an alternative prefers stocks and real estate, and the older generation - gold. Will not do anything 33% of the youth audience, compared with 43% of respondents older than 55 years.

At the same time, in the case of a jump in the exchange rate of 68% of Russians would Park their savings in banks unchanged, 16% of respondents will change their currency, while 6% of respondents partially dispose of the accumulated funds - spend, withdraw from the account or sell some currency. Only 5% of Russians in this situation will prefer to withdraw all of the accumulated savings. In the minority were those who plan in this case is to invest in gold, stocks or property: such answers were given by 1% of respondents.

At the same time, the Russians at the age of 21-35 years less than other age groups are willing to leave their savings unchanged (63%) in the case of volatility in the market, and every fifth Respondent among young people ready to change savings on the currency. The same respondents over 55 years in the case of currency changes will leave things as they are in 73% of cases, and only 13% of respondents to change the currency savings.

The survey was conducted in the Russian cities with the population from 100 thousand people among Russians over the age of 21 who have a term Deposit, savings account or debit card with interest on the balance. Sample size: 1201 people.