In Japan, spoke about the drop in exports to Russia due COVID-19

The situation of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 led to a sharp reduction in external trade of Japan, and its exports to Russia fell in June by 40.6% compared to the same period in 2019, should be published on Monday, according to the Japanese Ministry of Finance.

According to customs reports, from Japan to Russia in June of the delivered goods by 41.9 billion yen (390,5 million dollars), while imports from Russia amounted to 73,08 billion yen (680,6 million dollars), which is 31.2% less than the year before.

In particular, 59.9% of the decreased export to Russia of Japanese automotive products, and 42.4% decrease in the supply of spare parts. Import to Japan from Russia of oil has decreased by 88.6%, oil - 98.6%, iron and steel - by 40.7%, of food products, including fish, - 13.9%.

As noted by the Ministry of Finance, Japanese exports experienced in June, the sharpest in the last 10 years the decline, which amounted to 26.2%, while imports fell by 14.4%. Japan's trade deficit in June 2019 fixed at 268,8 billion yen ($2.5 billion).