Find lost in Buryatia An-2 aircraft flew three sides

Two aircraft and a helicopter in the difficult conditions of the mountainous area are searching for missing in Buryatia An-2 aircraft, reported RIA Novosti on Monday the head of the coordination centre of search and rescue Siberian aviation search and rescue center Victor Draeger.

Informed in GUMCHS in Buryatia reported that at 20.21 GMT on July 19 from operational duty fku "Siberian aviation search and rescue centre" received information that had not been in contact plane an-2 airlines "Phoenix", on Board six people, including two person crew and four passengers. The an-2 took off from the village Kyren, Republic of Buryatia, the exact route is not known.

It is reported that examined mostly mountainous terrain, where there are practically no settlements.

"This is a mountainous area of 500 meters between the tacks in order to see. Although this is not a fact in the mountains you can fly there and not to see the fallen Board," - said the Agency interlocutor, noting that so far no signs of the aircraft is not detected.