NASA congratulated the UAE with the successful launch of a probe to Mars

The head of NASA Jim Breidenstein congratulated the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with the successful launch of the first Arab probe "al-Amal" ("Hope") to Mars.

Previously, the mission of the Hope Mars announced that a carrier rocket H-IIA launch vehicle from the Satish Dhawan space centre "Hope", created by engineers in UAE, in UAE 01.58 at the time (00.58 GMT) successfully launched from the space center of the Japanese island of Tanegashima. Subsequently, the space probe "al-Amal" was separated from the rocket and began to beep.

Also Twitter his congratulations to "placed" Rovers Сuriosity and Perseverance.

Initially the launch of the UAE space probe "al-Amal" was scheduled for July 15, but was postponed several times due to bad weather on the Japanese island.

Fully constructed of Arab scientists and engineers probe is scheduled to reach the red planet in 2021, when the UAE will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the state. UAE authorities call it the first Arab mission to Mars.