In the state Duma is preparing a bill close to the Soviet standards for teachers

In the state Duma are working on the bills, offering to provide teachers an extended leave to return them entitled to retire and to establish that the average teacher's salary should not be below the average for the region and the country, reported RIA Novosti, first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on education and science Oleg Smolin (CPRF).

According to him, the first initiative aimed at improving the legal status and the improvement of working conditions of teachers that would eliminate the shortage of teachers, including in rural areas. Changes I plan to introduce in the Federal law "On education" and other laws.

Paragraph 2 of article 55 of the Constitution States that "the Russian Federation should not make laws that abrogate or derogate the rights and freedoms of man and citizen".

The Deputy noted that now the different categories of pedagogical workers have different vacation time. The authors of the bill believe that extended leave will improve the quality of teachers ' work.

"We offer to execute the resolution of the State Duma from July 2019, which says that the basic salary of the teaching staff, that is his salary for 18 training hours must be at least 70% of the average wage in the region. This means that by working a little more than a bet the teacher will really be able to get at the level of the regional average, but not for two (rate - ed.) as it sometimes now is," - said Smolin.

The MP stressed that the decision of the state Duma is a recommendation, but if the rule is written in the law, it will become binding.

"The bill includes provisions similar to the provisions of the presidential decree of may 2012, namely that the average salary of teachers - earlier we were talking about base salary - the average salary should not be below the average for the region and not below the national average, but at the same time for one bet" - said Smolin.

He said that teachers are in some regions almost five times less, according to different data than others. That is, one and the same work is a teacher in the capital may receive more than 100 thousand rubles, and in the region of 15 or 20. According to the MP, if not provided by absolute respect for the principle of equal pay for equal work, it should at least limit the level of this inequality.

"In addition, we prepared another bill on amendments to the pension law, which proposed to return to the situation that existed before the enactment of the retirement age. Under this provision, with 25 years of experience of pedagogical workers have the right to early retirement," - said Smolin.

According to the Deputy, the right of early retirement was introduced in the Soviet period on the basis that the teacher's job leads to a rapid emotional burnout. Smolin added that according to the law on raising the retirement age, the opportunity to become a pensioner for teachers, to develop necessary experience of 25 years, suspended for five years.

Introduce bills to the state Duma scheduled for September 2020.