In exotic countries told when and how to receive tourists

Plan Philippines from August 1 to let the foreigners in possession of a valid long-term visas, but the new documents yet to be collected, according to TourDom.

Guests also will have to advance to find and book a place to pass the quarantine and to arrange a test COVID-19.

August 15 is going to start reception Sri Lanka, if the epidemiological situation will not deteriorate. This was stated by the Ambassador of Republic in Russia Michaelango Courage of Lamanca. According to him, "during your stay on the island, tourists should take the test for the coronavirus three or four times".

To get into the country will be on e-visa, the clearance of which you will have to pay $ 100.

But, as the Ambassador noted, "if Sri Lanka will again make a visa free to any country, Russia will be first."

Confirmed the intention to open a commercial air service from 1 August in the Seychelles.

Passenger going there, will have to submit a reservation for the entire period of the stay and a certificate of no virus, obtained not earlier than three days before departure. In the country waiting for a temperature check, filling out forms and, in the presence of symptoms, the delivery of the rapid test.

In Africa, tourists from August will be available for Safari in Rwanda - there has a similar message. At the airport are required to show negative test results for a period of not more than three days, and after arrival you need to pass another test and waiting for the answer within a day isolated in a hotel at their own expense. The national parks are already open to tourists.