In MSMU will write the second group is experiencing a vaccine COVID-19

The second group of volunteers who took part in the trial of a vaccine against coronavirus, on Monday, July 20, in Sechenovskiy University.

According to the Director of the Institute for translational medicine and biotechnology sechenovskiy University Vadim Tarasov, the condition of normal volunteers, they want to go home.

The second group of volunteers received the vaccine two times: the first administration of the vaccine is already causing an immune response and the second is to strengthen. After processing the data should be clear what the vaccination works better - single or double.

Extract the first group of volunteers was held on Wednesday, July 15.

Clinical trials of the vaccine developed by the National research centre of epidemiology and Microbiology named Gamalei, began in Sechenovskiy University on June 18. The vaccine trials are also conducted on volunteers in the Burdenko hospital of the defense Ministry of Russia.

According to the Director of the Institute of pharmacy and translational medicine sechenovskiy University Vadim Tarasov, a vaccine against coronavirus created artificially and does not contain its parts. After discharge the doctors will continue to monitor the status of volunteers. They can call the doctor at the slightest changes in well-being, said Smolyarchuk.

The Director of the centre of epidemiology and Microbiology named Gamalei Alexander Ginzburg explained to RIA Novosti that after the clinical trial begins the second phase of the vaccine trials. It will last until July 28. The result of the second phase is to verify not only the safety of the vaccine, but its effectiveness.

Now in the center of a dossier for registration of the vaccine. At the Institute hope that the registration process of vaccine COVID will last till August 2-4. A few days is the permit for circulation in Roszdravnadzor. Ginzburg expressed the hope that the flow of vaccine into circulation on August 14-15. According to him, by mid-August the second phase of the vaccine trials will be completed, and the circulation may allow on terms that are in fact the third phase.

After the start of use of the vaccine will be monitored, if people have some side effects, the Ministry of health has the right to revoke the authorization. Buy the vaccine at the pharmacy, according to Ginzburg, in the near future, most likely, will not work. He noted that the vaccine is likely to buy and distribute medical institutions of the state. The center Director also expressed hope that a vaccine against coronavirus Russians will do it for free, perhaps in the framework of the immunization schedule basic or epidemiological indications. He stressed that vaccination will be voluntary.

Negotiations on the scale of production is underway with private companies. Discusses how you can most quickly transfer the technology and components for production, to the beginning or middle of September they can start manufacturing the vaccine.

Ginzburg added that after the first vaccination volunteers have developed immunity are antibodies. During the second phase of clinical trials they will receive a second vaccination. This should increase the period of protection from infection.

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