In Russia completed the clinical trials of a vaccine against COVID-19

Clinical trials of a vaccine against COVID-19, was developed with the participation of the Ministry of defense of Russia, completed in the Burdenko hospital, issued last group of volunteers, said in an interview with the newspaper "Red star" head of the 48th Central research Institute of NBC defense forces of the armed forces medical service Colonel Sergey Borisevich.

While Borisevich said that scientists would have "huge amount" of analytical work, preparation of final reports, presentation of results and the state registration of the vaccine product.

The development of a vaccine in the world at the moment engaged in hundreds of laboratories. Of these, about 140 are in preclinical phase, testing the effect of the vaccine on animals, about 20 have moved to clinical phase trials in humans, and three or four research groups from China and the USA have reported the transition to the third phase of clinical trials on large numbers of people. The results of the previous phases have already been published in peer-reviewed journals.

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