Lukashenko said that Babariko began to testify investigation

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the former head of Belgazprombank Viktor Babariko began to give testimony to the investigation after he refused to register a candidate for the presidential elections.

Criminal "the case of Belgazprombank", in which is involved in more than 20 people, including top management, coincided in Belarus since the presidential election campaign in which the candidate was nominated, Babariko. The CEC of the Republic on 14 July refused registration as a candidate, the decision was appealed by the lawyers of the policy to the Supreme court. Elections for the highest office appointed in Belarus on 9 August.

"I'm not going to get into details, just want to say... there is No political order, no fear of danger, but the thief should sit in jail. For all the same attitude... a Prisoner of conscience of them, no one will, these inmates, they are there for under 30 people (the defendants in the case of BGB – ed.)", - said Lukashenko at the meeting with activists of the Vitebsk region on July 15. A fragment of the meeting showed on Sunday the TV channel "Belarus 1".

He noted that all of the defendants to testify. "And this is already cried, when not registered (as a presidential candidate – ed.) started weeping and began to testify," - said Lukashenko.

The Belarusian leader also said that he had instructed the law enforcement "to prepare all the materials that arrived experts of the Interpol, the USA, Poland and Russia."

"We'll show them these documents (in the case of BGB – ed.) – Lukashenko is afraid of someone, or is there really a criminal case. We are open," he said.

Babariko is in the detention center of the KGB of Belarus on charges of committing economic crimes as part of a major so-called "Belgazprombank". In June at the head office of the BGB, which for nearly 20 years headed Babariko, were searched. The state control Committee of the Republic said that the Bank acted organized criminal group, the conclusion of money abroad.

Babariko and his son Eduard, who heads the campaign headquarters of his father, was arrested on 18 June. Earlier it was reported that a total detained more than 20 people, including top managers of the Bank. The investigation of the case entrusted to the KGB. Babariko Sr. is accused of tax evasion, which caused damage in especially large size, legalization of proceeds of crime and bribery.

Presidential elections will be held in Belarus on 9 August, is now undergoing a period of pre-election campaign, which will run through August 8 inclusive. Candidates for the highest office was five people, including incumbent head of state.