Bulgarian journalist told about the "habit" to freeze Russian coins

Bulgarian journalist Georgi kasabov shared with the readers of Fakti.bg "Russian hack", which you can use to check properly whether the fridge was working until the tenants was not long at home.

He noted that before going on a journey, many people do not know where to put the rest in the freezer the products and fear that they can spoil. Kasabov advised "easy control system" for such cases.

A plastic or metal Cup filled with water and put it in the freezer. When the liquid will turn to ice, put on top of the coin. If the owners return home the coin sank to the bottom of the tank, so there have been serious shortages of electricity, water has time to melt, and frozen food was spoiled.

According to the author, this method was invented by Russian. According to him, Russia has always before you leave in the freezer I leave a glass of water and a coin.

In the comments many readers said that it was a "smart move". However, among them there were those who did not believe that in Russia, someone actually uses this method. One user wrote that he was Russian, and first time I hear about such a hack.