In Morocco, announced the transition to the third stage of easing of the quarantine

Morocco goes from July 20 to the third stage of easing of the quarantine restrictions imposed in the fight against the coronavirus, said in a statement the government of the Kingdom.

According to a statement from Monday, in particular, tourist facilities can operate at 100%, in terms of capacity, although occupancy located on their territories restaurants, swimming pools and sports halls must not exceed 50% of the total capacity.

July 20, interurban public transport can operate from a 75% occupancy rate. In addition, permitted public gatherings and activities, provided that the number present does not exceed 20 people.

Moroccan authorities had earlier announced the extension until August 10, the state of emergency in connection with the pandemic coronavirus. In this July 14, resolved to partially resume sea and air transport. For boarding guests are required to provide the results of the PCR test as well as undergo a serological test for the coronavirus.

From 25 June as part of a gradual easing of the quarantine was lifted a number of restrictions. In particular, it is allowed to run cafes and restaurants subject to occupancy not more than 50%, as well as commercial activities in shopping centers. Also was reopened road and rail links between cities and flights within the country. At the same time, museums, theatres, cinemas and public swimming pools are still closed.

According to the latest data of the Ministry of health of Morocco, the country identified 17 015 cases COVID-19, recovered 14 620 people died 269.

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